Who I am

I am a product of my generation, (there, that’s a hint) and as such, I have deep reservations about leaving too much personal information on the internet. As it is, I think I have poured my heart out in my posts: I have been far more outspoken here in the virtual world than I am in real-world conversation. This blog is the sleeve on which I have boldly worn all my religious, political and social beliefs and opinions, several of which are not shared by many people who I call colleagues, clients, friends and relatives. I have no wish to alienate or hurt them; to count as friends only those who share my opinions on everything is neither a desirable goal nor a practical one.

I also suspect that I have dropped tiny hints here and there in my posts, sufficient for a really persistent and determined busybody to piece together into a fairly clear picture of what I look like, what I do for a living, where I live, and with whom. I do not grudge the busybody these details: hard work must have its reward. But I have no desire to make his or her life easier by augmenting them with a name, racial affiliation, citizenship or contact details.

Never mind. In reality, we are nothing more than the collection of our prejudices, beliefs and opinions. There is a piece of me that comes from each of the books and authors I have discussed in these pages, even those I have disliked. As long as I continue reading, I will keep growing, adding to what I call “myself”. When I stop reading, I will stagnate. To forget all that I have read is the death that I vainly try to avoid by blogging.

Collectively, these blog posts are the real me. The rest is not all that important.


§ 2 Responses to Who I am

  • Sounds interesting! The tag cloud does give me some info too!

  • theotheri says:

    You express my thoughts about my own blog as well. In the end, I have revealed a great deal about myself, but paradoxically have a strong need for personal privacy. And above all, I feel an obligation not to violate the privacy of my friends and family.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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